Helping organisations grow their data-driven web development and experimental culture.


Need to get a better understanding of your users and where they are having issues? By combining qualitative and quantitative data we will give you the insights in order to create a better converting website.


Do you need a guest for your lecture to teach the world's new CRO specialists? Or perhaps you want to create a deeper understanding in your organisation about CRO. We tailor a class to fit your needs - and your target group.


Throwing an event and need someone to talk about the data-driven approach to growing business, how to build experimental cultures, or many of the other subjects that you cover with CRO?


Setting KPI's, understanding your data in Google Analytics, creating hypothesis, setting up experiments, understanding which toolset to use? There are many subjects to cover in a full workshop with you and your team to grow your skills!




Having worked with CRO and experiments since 2013 - I still know that this is my true passion in life.

Having worked both at agency, inhouse and with my own company I know about all the angles when it comes to identifying business values - and how to work the social landscape. It's that combination together with my background in computer and system science that makes me one of a kind. 

Through the years I've worked with 30+ organisations in helping them grow within CRO. And executed more than 500 AB-tests.

I've also been speaking at, doing podcasts or doing webinars for multiple events and teached at schools to welcome new great people into the industry. 

Some of the events, schools and companies I've been speaking at: Hyper Island, Dentsu Aegis Digital Academy, Webbdagarna, Women in Tech, IHM business School, Berghs,, iAB, Meetup's, Siteimprove, Optimizely